First, I want to thank Lilly Irani, Six Silberman and all past contributors for all their hard work and dedication to create Turkopticon and operate it for ten years for FREE! One thing we need to remember is that they always provided this service for free to help Turkers find the good work and what work to avoid. We are now transitioning to a completely Turker run, non-profit organization. This will ensure that we can continue to provide a worker run review site where we focus on the human part of reviews.  Turkers and requesters understand how to make things better. We are also now taking on helping suspended accounts be reinstated if they were suspended in error, talking with requesters to improve conditions, and passing all the suggestions from Turkers and requesters on to Amazon to actually make our Turk work better. During this transition we are looking for donations.. We are in no way saying you have to donate but we are asking that if you want the service remain free and you are able: please donate. We also plan to look for and locate other funding but your donations will be important too! Please help us remain free so we can work to make Turk better for all of us!

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Thank you for your donation to Turkopticon! While your donation IS tax-deductible, please note that donating (or choosing not to) will not affect your Turkopticon ratings in any way.