About Us

As turkers we participate in experiments, process data, and answer surveys. We are a core engine of modern academic research and deserve fair treatment. The Dynamo guidelines are a project to make sure academics and IRBs have a reference for what we consider ethical. Turkopticon has adopted it so we can bring workers in to keep them updated, to advocate for academic researchers to have the information they need to provide good work and to hold institutions and research funders accountable for making sure work is ethical.

Dynamo guidelines were published in 2014, but workers need to update them to make sure the guidelines remain fair and up to date with current standards. Have feedback on the guidelines or want to get involved with making them up to date, robust, and effective? Email Dynamo@turkopticon.net to speak with an organizer.

Turkopticon has taken over stewardship of the Dynamo project. Turkopticon’s mission is to make Turking a good job for all workers!